Quartz / Granite Countertops FAQ

Quartz Countertops FAQ

Why chooses Quartz?

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant and never need chemical sealing or reconditioning. Durable: harder than granite or marble, as a result, it’s more durable and less likely to chip, scratch or stain. Low-Maintenance: it is a non-porous surface that makes cleaning quick and easy. Just wipe with soap and water! Food-Safe: it is a certified food-safe, consequently the surface will not absorb any bacteria. Beautiful: with new designs released each year, Quartz countertops are always on-trend.


Can I put hot things on Quartz?

Generally, it is very heat resistant, but it depends on “how hot” an object is. A tea kettle or a hot dish out of the microwave is typically not a threat but a 450°pot from the oven can cause damage. However, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry, so we recommend the use of a hot pad.


Will my countertop chip?

Under normal use, it is unlikely that it will chip. The edges are more susceptible to chipping than the middle of the surface, so if you struck with enough force (e.g., a heavy pot) a chip can occur. Such occurrences are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, but are usually repairable, depending on the size of the chip.


Is all Quartz the same?

Just like a diamond, the value of it increases with the clarity of the stone. When it is cloudy or contains hints of blue, pink or yellow can cause countertops to have discolored patches or uneven color and depth. That’s why the Cambria and Hanstone Quartz brands rigorously test all of its products to ensure purity and clarity.


Can I cut on it?

It is nor recommended to cut on stone surfaces. Though they are very durable and can take the abuse of a knife cutting on the surface, the best practice is to prevent any damage to the countertops or your knives and use a cutting board.


How do I take care of Quartz?

There is very little maintenance required after install. It is non-porous and never needs to be chemically treated or sealed. Mild soap and warm water is always the best method to maintain your beautiful new countertops.


How long will it take to be made?

Depending on the type of countertop, production times will vary. It is an installed product only and the average lead time (after template) for production and installation runs one to two weeks. Please, speak to a showroom representative for lead times on specific materials.


 Granite Countertops FAQ

What are the Granite advantages?

It is more durable than softer stones such as marble or travertine and man-made materials such as acrylics, polyesters or laminates because of its composition of quartz and feldspars (7 and 6 in the Hardness Scale, respectively). The glossy finish will endure years of use in even the busiest kitchens without being refinished.


Why is Granite preferred for kitchen and bar countertops?

Countertops in kitchens and bar areas are often exposed to acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, alcohol and tomato sauce. Knives, dishes, pots and pans, and other implements may cause scratching of lesser materials. Granite is the hardest and densest of all-natural stones and the silicates it contains won’t react with acid. These properties help Granite resist staining and retain its fine luster over a longer period of time than ceramic tiles or other stones.


What care and maintenance of Granite are recommended?

Stone surfaces are very easy to maintain. Clean stone floors with warm water and mild liquid soap. Never use acid cleansers or abrasive chemicals on stone. Granite stone should be sealed after installation and every one to two years thereafter, depending on its application.


Why does Granite need to be sealed?

All-natural stone including Granite must be properly sealed to protect against staining. Without proper and regular sealing, Granite and other natural stones are porous and can absorb spilled substances and leave unsightly stains and marks. A sealer that penetrates and protects natural stone and tile can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store.

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